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RE:V - Fusao Hatori by YenKin RE:V - Fusao Hatori by YenKin
For :iconsparkelsplz::iconre--volution::iconsparkelsplz: this group is so amazing I can't-- :iconimdedplz:

up.6/4/14 : Revamp of fufu :iconlazepoolplz: His hair, outfit, and some side information has changed -- [ OLD APP ]


Name: Fusao Hatori
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8" | 172 cm
Weight: 138 lbs | 62.6 kg
Birthdate & Star Sign: May 1 | Taurus
District: Kyuujuuminku
Education/Job: Narashino High | 2nd Year

Team: O.P.M
Tag Tattoo Location: Between the shoulder blades


Mizuchi [ Female | Leafy Seadragon (Phycodurus eques) ]

Reliable | Kind | Optimistic | Caring | Loyal

Towards Fusao, Mizuchi behaves similarly to that of an overly concerned, doting, and protective mother. She is generally kind and polite to others, but keeps them at a certain distance when it comes to them interacting with Fusao. She will do practically anything for him and will go to almost any lengths to keep Fusao not only safe, but happy. Although she tends to give the boy his freedom, Mizuchi won't hesitate to try and stop him if she believes that what Fusao is doing is morally wrong. Other than that, Mizuchi can be pretty flexible with Fusao's actions and will always try to look on the positive side to what he does. She is completely devoted to the boy and will naturally follow Fusao anywhere, opting to stay by his side for as long as she is allowed.

[ COIL ]

Independent | Cold | To the point | Untrusting | Protective | Caring | Kind

Generally unwelcoming towards everyone, Fusao is the type who prefers independence. Due to this, he finds social interaction cumbersome and will behave coldly towards people upon first meeting, often times speaking in a blunt or to the point manner. Should that person consistently attempt to interact with him, he will simply ignore them. He finds relationships of all sorts hindering and will state he has no use for them. This is hardly true though, since deep down the boy has an overwhelming desire to find at least one person who will understand him the most and accept him for who he is. It is an extremely difficult task to get him to open up, but once he begins to budge he tends to be quite the caring and protective person. He will want to feel safe around that person and in turn, will want that person to feel safe around him. Fusao is typically an awkward boy full of contradictions, but can be the sweetest person if given reason to be.

Fusao was born into a moderately wealthy family, located in the grandiose streets of the Tara district. His father held a position in GO Entertainment as one of the programmers specializing in scenic design and was able to provide his family with many luxuries. He grew up in a spoiled atmosphere, surrounded by siblings who took everything for granted and a father who would go to any depths for money in order to spend it foolishly. This type of frivolous lifestyle caused Fusao to grow disgusted with his own home. His only oasis was his mother, a down-to-earth woman of humble beginnings who happened to marry a greedy man. He spent the most time with her, learning that there was much more to life than just money and status.
As he entered his teenage years Fusao became determined to be independent, going so far as asking his mother if he could leave behind his cushy lifestyle to live in the kyuujuuminku district and attend public schools rather than private ones. She knew that her son wasn't old or mature enough to live on his own and seeing as how her other two children were completely absorbed in their own college lives to even care whether she was present at home or not she decided to move with him. As expected, Fusao's siblings were hardly home to even notice that their mother had moved with him while his father was entirely unconcerned with their decision, continuing to focus on his work and social life.
His junior high days flew by quickly, his own attitude towards his peers having become cold as he did his best to not rely on others. It was during this time that Rhyme had become a hot topic amongst his classmates, the idea of pitting allmates against each other an exciting thought. Fusao, however, acted as if he was completely uninterested and avoided any invitations to join the community. His mother was growing worried for her son after watching how distant he was becoming and figured that the social outlet he could get from Rhyme would be beneficial to him in the future. She did her best to gain his interest, but settled with the promise that he would at least dabble in it once he entered high school.
Fusao slowly walked through each day, feeling his life becoming dull. Before he knew it, his 16th birthday had come and as a present he received his first AllMate...from his father. He hadn't spoken a word with the man since the move and had half a mind to dump the model. However, he couldn't deny the growing curiosity he had for Rhyme after overhearing so much about it from his classmates that he decided to keep the aquatic AllMate. As he entered his second year of high school, his mother told him this would be the year that he should at least try Rhyme out and interact more with others. Fusao brushed her words off initially, but did decide to give the game a chance in the end. As it turned out, he became very obsessed with Rhyme during the first few days of playing.

- Mizuchi [ AllMate ] : "Oh. I suppose I've gotten used to having her around. She does nag at me constantly though.."
- Iruna Hatori [ Mother ] : "...My mother. What else is there to say?"
- Darren Cielo [ Boyfriend | Teammate ] : "....M-My um...boyfriend. I'm not sure what I'd do without him, to be honest. He's very precious to me."
- Kaede Kiyomizu [ Friend | Teammate ] : "Kae is as optimistic as Mizuchi isn't exactly a bad thing though."
- Vicktor Don Jon [ Friend (?) | Teammate ] : "...The midget boss of O.P.M. He's alright I guess...sometimes."
- Basil Okanos [ Friend (?) ] : "A woman who runs an Antique's shop in Night Valley who also owns the owl allmate that bothers Mizuchi way too often. ...I don't see her around as much now."
[ .  .  . ]

+ Darren
+ Independence
+ Darren
+ Music
+ Technology (he won't admit it but it fascinates him)
+ Scarves
+ Sweet and spicy foods/drinks
+ Plants, flowers, Nature in general

- His father
- Greed
- Nosy or pushy people
- Being bothered unnecessarily
- Bitter foods/drinks
- Bugs (he will freak out--)

Additional Information:
- On Saturday and Sundays his mother leaves to visit his siblings and father; he is most active as a Rhymer during these days
- Vows to never return to his former home in Tara
- Despite his fascination with technology, he prefers nature due to it's calming atmosphere
- His old home in Tara had a bug infestation before--he has never liked the things since then--
- Although he wishes to be completely independent, his father still pays for the apartment he lives in with his mother
- When he first saw his allmate, he thought it was some sort of mutant snake
- Has a hobby of collecting odd and unique scarves
- Although he has a plethora of scarves, he can usually be seen wearing the bright blue scarf he bought with his boyfriend, Darren
- If you try to touch or take the scarf away from him without his permission he will instantly bitch slap you
- When Mizuchi gets on his nerves, he will refer to her as 'old hag'
- His headphone lights up when his COIL is on
- He has a beauty mark on his stomach--
- Exchanged one of his earrings for one of Darrens and now wears it proudly-

RP sample:
Fusao had been sitting in his seat for the longest time, his headphones drowning out the surrounding noises. It must have been just after school, seeing as how the students in his class were chattering amongst themselves and leaving. They seemed to be having a grand old time, which only caused his eyes to narrow. As much as he disliked being bothered, he did wonder from time to time what it would be like to go to one of those 'social outings' he heard of often. For now though, he would have to make due with the people already in his life. Fusao glanced to his AllMate who happened to follow him to school that day and gave a small smile. "Time to go, Mizuchi."
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KonjouNashi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
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